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Some Meyer Hocus Pocus


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Here's a look at some like-kind Meyer G, S, L series wings for comparison ~ good and bad.   The foursome on the (left) are period strikes in my opinion.  The (top) wings in the sets are period strikes in my opinion.  The trio are period strikes in my opinion.  The others shown are just (some) of the variations of Meyer restrikes out there.  Of any maker, Meyer probably had the biggest variation in hallmark strikes.  Just thought I would share these, as it's a good look at same types together for comparison.  Dave









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Good examples of fantasy hallmarks being applied to these Meyer’s wings as well. Amcraft, and Robbins marked service and glider pilots wings. Of course, Amcraft and Robbins wings look nothing like this pattern. I have a second pattern Meyer’s Glider Pilot Wing hall marked ‘M & B B’ham sterling silver’ that I bought somewhere along the line when I had more money than time to research. Never mind the casting flaws, never mind that if the wing was indeed sterling and made in Birmingham England, It would have had, must have had proper markings for same. Sometimes one wants to believe the story, not the wing. 

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