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APB from Darnell Military Surplus

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from Facebook post by Azle Business Association....   I am posting for Diane Darnell, Darnell Military Surplus 216 W. Main St Azle. Thursday June 3rd. someone walked into the Darnell Military Surplus store and grabbed a box, ran out the door and took off in a dark bronze or gold vehicle. In that box was $1400-$2000 worth of WWII 1940-1945 rare and vintage manuals and books. Most are parachute manuals, Technical War books, US cloth map of Russia and Bosnia 1950-51, US Air Force Friendship wall hanging/pillow cover 1940's, War Dept. manuals 1943, Pioneer Parachute Cover magazine pages 1943-48, about 20 pages. If anyone knows anything, or sees someone trying to sell these items, please contact Diane at 214-404-7485 There has been a police report made, and there is a reward being offered.


(Diane's brother was Denny Darnell)

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