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Two MMA rating badges

David Minton

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David Minton

Picked up these two rates yesterday. They came out of the collection of a recently deceased collector. No ID was provided, and there was no structure to the order of the binder to suggest the era of the patches.


The patches feature two slightly different designs. The one on the right could even be a stock WWII era USN/USCG BM 1c patch with MMA applied later, suggested by the support backing behind the MMA but not the crossed anchors. The other is obviously custom, as the MMA and anchors appear to have been embroidered at the same time. The backing behind the MMA also looks cruder, so maybe 1930s? Both crows seem the typical mid 1930s to 1948 style.


I think the MMA is for Massachusetts Maritime Academy and/or Maine Maritime Academy. Is it possible the difference in design is due to one from each school? The Mass school was founded in 1891 while the Maine school in 1941. The construction of the patch on the left seems older than 1941, though I have no real evidence to back this feeling.


I am assuming these would have been for school staff, rather than faculty who I assume would have been officers (though I’m just guessing). Any thoughts?






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