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I have one of the originals in the hexagonal shape, and am looking at this circular one, but unsure because of three details on back which my hexagonal one does not have:


1. marked "MADE IN COUVAIN BELGIUM" along left edge

2. marked "PATENT" on right edge

3. has three cast-in "feet" to keep it off a surface



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Brian Keith

I dug out mine, it is slightly different, but I still think yours is of the WW II era. I bought this one about 30 years ago. The differences I see are that on the front the "DEC 44" is not boxed the same. On the reverse, mine has a makers mark at the very top, above the hanging loop.

Strangely enough, at a display we did a few weeks ago, (Pee-Wee Martin 100th Birthday) a lady who identified herself as Robert Sinks daughter, asked about the one we were exhibiting. She said her father had one and was pretty adamant that they were "presented" to the 101st soldiers at Bastogne. She mentioned she did not know what became of her fathers example. 






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thanks!  interesting how different they can be.


a great idea, but I believe they were cast from American shell casings..



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Here's couple of shots of one I've had in the past. Couvin was where the company that made these had their furnaces.........

bastogne plaque.jpg

bastogne plaque rev.jpg

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So why are the obverse sides so different from this one and the two offered by other members?  The one from the OP has both relief and proud features on the rear whereas the two shown (that are also both stippled) show features in relief only on the obverse.

I know nothing about these but if they were contracted out or from one, or a limited number of foundries, they should be consistent based on the foundry or other known examples. The one offered fro review is considerably different, in a bad way IMO, to the others. For example, missing detail, missing "STG" hallmark, stippling, and has much "softer" features. To me, maybe just me, this indicates a poor casting often seen in wing collecting. If these are selling for good money there is certainly a market for such a cottage industry.

Just things I see and think of when studying such things.

Other ideas?



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