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Search for the medals of Edward R Morris, survivor of the Macon airship crash

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I recently purchased a uniform named to Lt Commander Morris and was told his medals may be owned by aerialbridge. I’ve tried to email that user but it said he doesn’t take messages. Can anyone tell me if this is the right person, or if not, who it is? And how to get in touch with him since the email via this forum isn’t an option? The person has also done a lot of research on Morris as well. Thanks to all. 

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Congratulations on acquiring his SDBs and white cover.   Yes, I am the owner of his medals and his USN gold ring.   When I did my research, as I recall it wasn't yet 62 years since his separation from service, so I couldn't order his record from NARA St. Louis.  You might want to consider doing that.  I can suggest a researcher if you don't have one.  If you choose to use that individual,  I don't mind splitting the cost with you and we can both have scans of his service file. 

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