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Non-US Sale Board Moving to WMF

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Announcing some fun news for USMF sellers! After being live on USMF for over a year, the Non-US Militaria Sale Board is moving to our sister site, World Militaria Forum! There are a variety of sub-boards in the sale section, so it makes for easy listing and easier browsing! Also, there are members interested in militaria from around the world, and plenty of discussion boards to find out about your item(s) before posting!


If you haven't registered for WMF yet, registration is free and easy! Also, if you are a USMF member in good standing and have met the posting requirements for USMF's sale boards, you can simply contact vintageproductions or stratasfan on WMF, and let them know you registered for WMF (provide your USMF username, if it is different) and your account will be promoted to full 'Member' and you don't have to make the post count to be allowed to post in the sale boards!


We will be giving all members time to register and to move their current sale threads over to WMF before closing the USMF Non-Militaria Board. Here is the timeline, so you can all know exactly when this is all taking place:


- The USMF Non-Militaria Sale board will remain open to new threads and replies until the morning of Monday, 14 June 2021


- On the morning of Monday (14 June), the Non-US Sale Board will be closed to new topics, but remain open for replies to current posts. This will allow for any sales that are in progress to finish up.


- On 21 June, the Non-US Sale Board will be closed to further replies on any topic, but remain visible so that any member may continue to transfer their listings to WMF.


- On 5 July, the Non-US Sale Board will be closed and removed. A redirect link to WMF's Sale board will be provided for easy direction for both buyers and sellers!


The USMF Staff and WMF Staff are excited to offer this and hope that all of you will head over to register and/or move your sale posts to WMF's sale section! If you need help, we are here to make registration and moving as easy as possible!


Thanks for your cooperation! - The USMF Staff

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