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What is this chest with drawers? Made by The Hallicrafters Company.


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Hello everyone,


I would please like some help with these recent acquisitions. I got them from an antiques dealer in my hometown in the Netherlands.


Two wooden crates with metal hinges and carrying handles and 12 drawers each. I've bought them for personal storage use and decoration in my house. I did not research them beforehand and thought they were Dutch Army crates used for storage and spare parts of equipment from the 70's or 80's. I cleaned the wooden crates mildly and used some Paraffin on the drawers to slide them more easily. They have some markings on them and did some research. The brand on these crates is "The Hallicrafters & Co" with some other markings in the wood and with paint: CY-64/U, 9 and 25. The drawers have some beautiful finger joints. This company was founded in Chicago 1932 and made amateur radio receivers. They became more known for their equipment that was used by the US Army Signal Corps Unit SCR-299 in WW2. I wonder if these were used as a spare parts crate for the Signal Corps equipment? I have not found any photos that prove this. Please share them if you do recognize these crates! I did find another example for sale in the US. With an ID Badge on it stating it was used for the Signal Corps of the US Army, but no further dates or information.


I also made some close up pictures of the hinges and carrying handles. Does anyone recognize these to maybe date it by this method? I know the later models of army crates have different hardware on them. 


Another forum that i visit more frequently has had some replies on my post about these crates. A member there told me that it might be a spare parts crate from the AN/MPQ-10 Radar. That would put it in the time frame of the Korean War or even possibly used in Vietnam. 


Any help is much appreciated, even if it's a guess to what the time it was made in or any other radio equipment it belongs to. 


Thank you,



















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Wow many thanks Aznation!! I have not seen the sources from post #4 and #5 before in my search for answers. 

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