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9th Regiment N.Y. Zouaves Recruitment Card

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Was hoping I could get some help on this what I believe to be a Civil War Recruitment Card. 


First Post here but have collected Military Items for about 20 years. Was rummaging through some old paperwork of my Great Grandfather's who served in WWI and there were a few other documents included in the box. Out dropped this card. Slightly smaller than a baseball card, the lettering is slightly embossed. I don't believe it to be a fantasy piece as it was located with a few other documents dated between 1850-1875.


My questions are should I believe it to be real? Are there any contacts or websites out there to contact in regards to this?


Not looking for a valuation more so how to proceed with documenting and reaching out to the right people. I know the 9th NY Zouaves were a significant regiment





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Indeed a notable CW unit - Hawkin's Zouaves. 


Impossible to evaluate paper items without having them in-hand for a close examination (paper age, printing style),

but I did do a quick search that seems to indicate the information on the card is accurate. I found a NYT article from

July 13, 1863 - well, more of an advertisement really - that is very similar to what you have here. I've pasted the content

of that item below. Sure seems like the same recruitment effort - bounty, colonel, and street address. Hope this helps. 


July 13, 1863, Page 3 - NYT


This regiment, which served with so much distinction at Hatteras, Roanoke, Camden, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburgh and elsewhere, is again to proceed to the seat of war, under command of its late Major, now Col. E. JARDINE, an officer who began his military career in the Mexican war. Recruiting is progressing rapidly for all of its ten companies. Discharged two years' or nine months' soldiers receive $550 bounty, new recruits $175. The headquarters are at No. 510 Broadway.

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