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Miscellaneous bits of information useful in researching various manufacturers


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I'm finishing up a long dive into the history of SN and NS Meyer, the old father and son founded companies. While tracking the end of SN Meyer after Simon's death in the 1910's through the DC directory year by year, I found this entry in the 1924 volume in the listings of businesses on K St. Seems a few manufacturers were sharing an office or representative at #310 in the Machinists Building. I also have an earlier (late 1910's) shot of NS Meyer describing himself as a rep for Dondero in the same office.

Does anyone else have scraps of data tucked away like this? Maybe not enough on its own, but possibly useful tidbits to someone researching. I'm compiling information that amounts to a "biography" of the companies to have as reference. Would anyone be interested in a summary post when I finish?



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Salvage Sailor
43 minutes ago, CDWells said:


Would anyone be interested in a summary post when I finish?


Indeed Sir,


Indeed we would appreciate an open ended summary where we can keep adding more manufacturers' info as it surfaces.




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