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Small Post-War pilot group


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Hello Group -


I picked up this small post-war pilots grouping at the Texas Militaria Expo this weekend.  I didn't have a quick - don mask set up and the TB-25 check list was pretty cool (it was prepared by the old James Connally AFB that I live close to) so I had to buy it.  Nothing too rare or unusual but I was happy to pick it up at a decent price.


Happy Monday!
























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Nice little lot there as usual Derek,  I bet that headset and mask were worn in the TB-25.  Not too often that you actually see the old Sierra snap adapter harness actually installed on the headset.  Ive seen people try to wear them right on their heads around their ears with no headset. 


Have you ever seen how to set the mask up with the headset or a helmet?  It has like a branched terminal on the masks cord assembly and 1 male plug and 1 female jack  that should have a label on its cord to say MIC.   The boom mics short cable on the headset should plug in to that female "MIC" labeled jack.  Then the male plug next to it on that branched Y should plug into the headsets mic jack the booms cord was plugged in.  After that both the mask and boom mic will be wired in.  When the mask is worn and that black locking lever is seated and locked the mask mic is hot and boom mic cold.  When you pull and unlock that black knob and rest the mask down on your chest it makes the mask mic cold and boom mic hot.

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