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M1917A1 Helmets

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Thought I'd share pictures of a few M1917A1 helmets from my collection.


This is an early example. It is a British Mk. 1, completely overhauled. When converted, some Mk. 1's had M1917 type chinstrap loops and loop attachments with round rivets installed, as was done with this example.


This helmet was worn by P. R. of the Connecticut State Guards.



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McCord Radiator new production M1917A1 (one or two digit number and letter stamped on the rim of these McCord helmets).


Of course, all the McCord helmets have the same paint and texture when still in original factory condition, unlike the converted helmets where there is a wide range of paint and textures.





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Last one for now, another McCord. Subtle camouflage finish (hard to photograph). Belonged to W. B. from Illinois. He enlisted in the Army October, 1941. Of interest is the very nicely done skull and cross bone carefully carved into the front of the helmet.





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There is a local antique mall that has a framed photo of an unit of the Wisconsin State Guard taken during WW2. All of the troops are wearing M1917A1s. It is a company size unit and many of the NCO's have their rank neatly stenciled on the front and the medics have a white square with a red cross on the front. I can't see any other insignia on the helmets or shirts. I would like to have that pic but they want $75 for it and won't budge.




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I bought this helmet

the seller says it is a model of WWI

I think it is a mistake

Could anyone help me?

thanks and regards

This is a post WWI configured M-1917 updated to what was called the M-1917A-1. The liner and chin strap have been updated and the finish should be cork and not sawdust like that which was found in the WWI model of this helmet. Still, The M-1917A-1 is a great helmet to have in your collection but, this one is definitely not a WWI configured helmet.

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many thanks, I'm more calm

Do you know that means the marking 5A?

thanks again


it's a heat stamp number used for quality control so they know the batch number


your helmet is a late model made by McCord Radiator Co in the early WWII era late 30's early 40's


not a reconditioned WWI helmet like most of the M1917A1 models

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Great photos of a nice selection of M1917A1's! The reconditioning/upgrades of the older M1917s began in 1936. According to Reynosa's "US Combat Helmets of the 20th Century", the new-produced McCord M1917A1s were only produced between February and May of 1941.

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Hey I own this 1917A1 helmet for a long time now, I got it from an french attic. This seems to be the M1917A1 used by the Free French Forces like the North African "Goumier marocain". They fought in Tunisia Sicila, Corsica, Italia, France and Germany and were supplied from the old stocks of the US and british army.








I guess the serial Numbers are "ZC66" but that's really hard to see it really well





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