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M1912 Saber Belt w/ Paul Jones Ship Name


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I found this set consisting of an M1912 Saber Belt and two 1918 dated pouches in a surplus store. 







I am not entirely sure the name stamps onto the general purpose pouch and the belt is original to the WW1 period since the store had a whole bunch of canvas gear and uniforms with the same name stamped onto it, mainly late WW2 and Korean era USMC items. 



However, the other stamp on the belt is for the "Paul Jones" (DD-10), which I understand is a destroyer that participated in convoy escort duties during WW1.  Does anyone know what kind of rating would have used this belt?  I would imagine a shore patrol type would have a lot of use for the saber D-ring to hold a baton, but I'm not very familiar with shore patrol and have never seen any pictures of them from WW1.  

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