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Kerr Sling, Reproduction.

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Here are some pics of a "original' Thompson sling I purchased online. My guess is that its a repro judging by what looks like black paint on the hardware. I also don't know if I have seen "US" stamped like that on any of these slings. I would appreciate some thoughts from someone more familiar with these than I am--that shouldn't be too hard :D Thanks!




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Yep, that's a repro. An ugly one as well. There are much better repros out there, complete with the patent numbers stamped into the metalwork.


Never seen a Thomspon sling with anything stamped on the webbing (other than the occassional mildrew treatment MRT stamp).




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Johan Willaert

'TSMG' slings with patent stampings in the metal tips are actually M1917 Kerr Rifle Slings to be used with the M1917 Rifle.

Although similar in design, the real WW2 manufactured TSMG slings did not have markings on the metal tips.

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Thanks for the info, Johan.

Glad to hear my sling is an original.



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The "No-Buckl" slings with patents were indeed created for the M1917 U.S. Enfield, but they were also widely used in the U.S. military on M1903 Springfield DRILL rifles, sometimes on marksmanship shooting '03s, and on pre-WWII Thompsons. So they are not necessarily "wrong". That said, the REAL, G.I. slings for Thompsons, acquired through military contracts, post-Pearl Harbor, are UNMARKED.


They were made even after web gear went green/OG. In VN, the green ones were common on PF and PSDF Garands and BARs (BARs often had two, strung together).

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That said, the REAL, G.I. slings for Thompsons, acquired through military contracts, post-Pearl Harbor, are UNMARKED.

Thats correct. A couple of years ago, you could find those slings mint in box here in Europe. In brown cardboard box tagged with an USN station stamp and with a 1950 date of storage.

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