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Collection of Col. J. Duncan Campbell up for auction


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I just received this email via the ASMIC website:


Dear sir,

I am sending you this email as I am not sure who to contact in your organization. I am a specialist in the Arms & Armor Dept. at Bonhams & Butterfields auction house in San Francisco. We will be offering the insignia and wings collection of Col. J. Duncan Campbell in our June 2nd sale and am wondering if you would like some further information, and perhaps images, to post on your website. Any help you may provide will be appreciated.


James Ferrell

Specialist, Arms & Armor Department


I have responed that yes I would like more info and pictures, will post them here when they arrive!



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Thanks a lot. I have just finished doing the inventory of the military insignia, my colleague Tim Tezer is doing the wings, and will some images to send you in a week or so. If you want to post some general information, the sale will be on June 2nd in San Francisco. Printed catalog will be available about one month prior and will appear online about two months prior. I have about 180 lots of military insignia, some single items and some groups. Duncan had his entire collection mounted on cardboard backing and framed. I have kept a number of framed groups together as that is expedient in some cases and I believe that a number of collectors will be happy to get the items as framed by him. Most of the items credited to his collection in his books are present as well as a number of smaller items that aren't credited in the books but are recognizable as such. Inquiries can be sent to me at james.ferrell@bonhams.com. Inquires specifically for the wings can be sent to tim.tezer@bonhams.com. Thanks again,



More as I get it ....


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