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Some great WWII Heart Shield Bibles, rosaries, etc.

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Just a few of my recent and most favorite acquisitions!


Two different Heart Shield Bibles, one is a standard steel cover engraved "To my Loved One" and the second is the gold plated version engraved "May the Lord be with you". These make three different variations of the Heart Shields that I have so far..


One WWI or WWII solid brass soldiers rosary! w00t.gif


And my personal favorite: A 1941 dated Catholic Devotional Manual for Soldiers,Sailors and Aviators, issued by St. Lucy's Church, Brooklyn, NY.

The great thing about this piece is the solid brass chaplet included with it w00t.gif , that fits inside a pocket in the cover, and a separate brass crucifix! Very hard to find!


See pics, enjoy and comment if you please! ;)




Close up





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very cool, never seen these before i'll have to look more closely when I'm out digging around back home. great collection

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I like them !!!


I have my Grandfathers Shield Bible that he carried overseas, given to him by my Grandmother.




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VERY neat stuff there!!

Thanks for posting! I think these often get overlooked by collectors, but they are every bit as much a part of war history if not more so than the helmets, canteens, uniforms, etc.


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316th FS 324th FG

THose are cool. I picked up a 1943 Catholic Serviceman's Prayer book and a 1951 "Special Privileges Granted to you During your Service in the Armed Forces" yesterday

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