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USAF Lighters Zippo, Vulcan, Ronson, Konwal, etc.

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USAF / 11th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (Electronics & Weather). Kimpo AB, ROK & Itami AB, Japan. RB-26 / WB-26. *Note the Sylvania cathode ray tube. Japanese-made "Vulcan".

11th Tac Recon Sqdn (Electronics & Weather) RB-26 WB-26 V.JPG

11th Tactical Reconnaissance Sqdn (Electronics & Weather) RB-26 WB-26  Rev V.JPG

11th Tac Recon Sq (Electronics & Weather) RB-26 WB-26  (5).JPG

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USAF / 69th Fighter-Bomber Squadron. Taegu (K-2) Osan-ni (K-55) Kimpo (K-14) ABs, ROK & deployments to Taiwan (ROC) 1952-1958. F-84 / F-86. Japanese-made "Wellington". *Future NASA Chief Flight Director 1LT Gene Krantz with his 69th FBS F-86.

69th Fighter-Bomber Sqdn F-84 F-86 '52-'58 ROK&Taiwan   W.JPG

Kranz-69th-My_Darling_Marta-Science_Center (1).jpg

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