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Double Named ID Shield

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Hi all, 


Saw this Md. Id shield on ebay. Interestingly it is named on to two different soldiers. Has anyone seen any other tags/shields named in this way? Both soldiers have confirmed service in the 1st Md. Lt. Battery. 


Md. isn't one of my focus states but it's an interesting shield and thought it might spur some discussion. 



s-l1600 (35).jpg

s-l1600 (34).jpg

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1 hour ago, USCapturephotos said:

I have never seen a double sided ID shield like that. Really interesting piece!


It certainly is an interesting piece. If the purpose of an id tag was to identify a body it seems counter intuitive to have two names on it.

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Salvage Sailor


15 hours ago, BBG said:

It looks like a watch fob.


There may have been two (2) of those originally.  I can see this as being a memento/keepsake between two buddies who served in the same Battery during the War Between the States.


Battery A, 1st Maryland Light Artillery


Battery A, Maryland Light Artillery
Active    August 1861 - March 11, 1865
Country    United States
Allegiance    Union
Branch    Artillery & Infantry
Engagements    Peninsula Campaign
Seven Days Battles
Battle of Beaver Dam Creek
Battle of Savage's Station
Battle of White Oak Swamp
Battle of Malvern Hill
Battle of South Mountain
Battle of Antietam
Battle of Fredericksburg
Battle of Chancellorsville
Battle of Gettysburg
Bristoe Campaign
Mine Run Campaign
Battle of Fort Steven

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