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My grandfather's zippo, 3596th Fighter Squadron

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I remember searching for this when I was younger. Pawpaw's military stuff was spread throughout the house and it was like the ultimate scavenger hunt, I eventually found it in an old desk in the den, but it was so cruddy it was rusted shut, so we sent it off to zippo and they cleaned it up and took pics for their archives and put new guts in it.

It's one of my favorite items of his service.



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Cobra 6 Actual

Thank you. That correlates with the date code and hallmark on the bottom of the lighter. The date code patent number (2517191) places it as being made between 1950 and 1957; while the design of the word “Zippo” puts it at between 1933 and 1954. So, that means the lighter was made ~1950 to 1954. Here’s the Zippo date codes if you find any more of his Zippos: https://www.zippo.com/pages/date-codes

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Old Crow 1986

I enjoy posts that share family heirlooms.  It's always nice to see a bit of family history preserved and fondly remembered. 

Great item and thanks for sharing.

(...and good on Zippo for helping you out with a restoration)

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