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Help with OSS holster value


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Hello all,


Looking to get some help regarding the value of my oss shoulder holster.  Any help would be appreciated. 







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Charlie Flick

Hello Andy:


Welcome to the Forum.


I got your PM inquiry and will respond here.   Placing a value on these holsters is very difficult because so few of them ever turn up in the marketplace.  As a result the data on sales prices is little to none leaving one to speculate rather than to rely on hard evidence.   What I paid for my example 30 years ago is of little relevance today and of no help to you in establishing a market value.


These holsters appeal to collectors of martial Colt Pocket Automatic pistols, to collectors of USGI holsters and to those who are interested in anything associated with the OSS.  It pushes a lot of buttons.


If your intention is to sell your holster, my suggestion is that you place it up for auction on Ebay.  I personally am not a big fan of Ebay for a variety of reasons, but it does command a huge marketplace for sellers and buyers.  Thus, by that method you should be able to realize the highest price because the audience of buyers is so large.


I hope that is helpful to you.




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