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1942 Colt Commando & Archive Letter


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Several months ago I posted about a Commando I recently acquired that was fairly unique because no one here or on the Colt forum, had seen one stamped “USA”.   Also, no one could identify the stamp “R & H8”.  I received the Colt archive letter and it was shipped to Robinson and Houchin Optical Company, that apparently made optical bomber sites.  Still no clue about the USA stamp.  Anyone ever heard of Robinson & Houchin?  Comments?







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Thanks for posting the letter, Bryan.  That solves the mystery.  Robinson-Houchin Optical Corp. was evidently engaged in the manufacture of various optical and medical equipment, both of which were considered vital items in the War effort.  Thus, as we suspected your Commando served as a security weapon for a civilian defense contractor rather than with the U.S. military.


Just to close the loop on this here is the link to the earlier inquiry posted by BryanJ some months ago:  



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