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Unmarked Brigadier General Star with Bowl Shaped Depression in Rear

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I've been working through some of my unfinished research lately and I have a pair of worn, ID'd (gifted to a state senator with a letter and photo) BG stars that are a "mixed" pair. One is Meyer. It's marked. The other isn't marked in any way.

It does, however, have a bowl-shaped depression about the size of a standard pencil eraser molded into the back. I would guess it was a weight and cost saving feature.

It is probably US, but could be German made. Gen. Chastain retired in 1991 as an MG, so I'm dating it from mid 70s to the 80s. Has anyone else come across one of these? Better still, does anyone know who made them this way? I'm hoping the design is distinct enough to ID. I'll take any shred of info. It would be more than I have. Maybe if I can gather up enough, I can figure out something.

I'll try posting a photo later, if need be. I'll have to borrow a phone with a better camera when I'm where I can take it.

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Found this photo in my archive. I'm obviously asking about the one on the right.


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