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M1944 and M1945 Pack System In Europe/PTO


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So the M1944 pack system pops up in 1945 in the ETO, mostly among late war replacement troops where it sees some limited late war action.


However, I have not heard nor seen photographic evidence of the use of the M1944 pack system in the PTO or MTO. So I ask the question, have any members seen or heard of it being used at all anywhere besides the ETO? I would presume it likely to have seen action at least at the Battle of Okinawa since there was combat going on there way after Germany surrendered. However the newest and best gear was shipped over to Europe first so I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t the case. As for the MTO (by 1945 basically Northern Italy) any idea if any M1944 gear found its way there?


As for the M1945 pack system, my knowledge tells me that this did not see action in WW2, and was first used (and only used) in Korea, however it was the main pack system used in that conflict. Is this correct, or did some M1945 gear find itself used in WW2 as well?






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Still shot labeled as Okinawa.....774078447_barokinawa.jpg.4218e069d4dc24eccc1267bbfa06cdbc.jpg

Missed this when first posted... nice photo! Shows they were used at Okinawa. Thanks!

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