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Confederate Veteran or Souvenir Cap?

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Hi everyone,

I saw a Confederate style cap currently on a popular auction site, and it got me thinking about one in my collection at present.  Does anyone have a definite time frame for these?  The construction looks closer to c.1900 than CW, but that's just my impression.  Would be interested in learning more about these if anyone has insight.


The example online is ink stamped inside "General Lee's Headquarters Museum Gettysburg" and I get the impression it's an old souvenir or promo piece.  Seller's photos:

s-l1600 (1).jpg


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Mine isn't exactly like it, but heavier cloth construction than CW-era pieces and has the same green painted brim as the other.  Assuming this is also 20th century. 




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11 hours ago, daniel griffin said:

Both appear to be 1890's-1900 period.


Thank you.  That's my impression as well.  Mine came out of an old collection of mostly GAR and CW reunion pieces.

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