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Museum of the American GI

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The Museum of the American GI, located at 19124 Highway 6 South College Station, Texas 77845, puts on an "Living History Weekend usually in March or April.  They have operational Shermans, tank destroyers, and several other vehicles.  They have had pay to ride on some of the vehicles in the past.  The event runs Saturday and Sunday (Friday is for school field trips).  There are displays (by the museum and by private groups), weapons demos (blanks only), a WW2 battle on Saturday and a WW1 battle on Sunday.


They have a website: Museum of the American G.I. – Where U.S. Military History Comes ALIVE! (americangimuseum.org) as well as a Facebook page.  

Mullins post battle.jpg

12973295_1085147398194842_4927412447826920366_o (2017_04_17 13_40_31 UTC).jpg

MoAGI_2012_Driver (2017_04_17 13_40_31 UTC).jpg

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I’m a Memeber of the museums volunteer group and help lead its vehicle maintenance program. It’s a phenomenal museum and our events are some of the best in Texas. Not many places run their vehicles, much less shoot them and offer rides. They’re currently redoing all the upper displays and moving some new vehicles into the museum. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area!


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Part 3 failed to upload.  I'll try again later.

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