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Shelter half, blanket, pegs and pole


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I have two of these and want to make sure the components are all WW2. I got them from a vet who bought them (decades ago) because he wanted all the kit he had during the war. 

And any idea on a good sale price for the whole set? I don't know if this stuff is usually sold piecemeal or like this. 


The blankets are unmarked. 

One of the shelter half is marked, but faintly. I can't find a marking on the other. 

Both tent pole are marked. This one appears to be 1942. 





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They look WW2 to me. The single ended shelter was manufactured up to 1943. Since yours is single ended and has the flat buttons I would assume WW2 around 1942 manufacture. The folding pole was also made up to 1943 I believe. The army adopted the three piece pole in 1944. The blanket is tougher to guess without a tag. It looks like the early WW2 color though.



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Thank you. 

Any idea as to how much a set like this might be worth at a fair price? 

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