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Need help IDing plexiglass remote control "Soviet" aircraft used by US Army ADA units

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In the VANG Historical Collection we have a number of training devices and RC aircraft/drones which were used by our ADA battalions in the 60s-80s---this one is made to look like a Soviet aircraft but I can't find anybody who can tell me anything about it---even a google search on its Power Bee 2 cycle engine led me nowhere....Suggestions? Information? any old ADA guys out there that recognize this pretty big aircraft?    And yes, that big orange-colored rocket nearby is a US Army training device also...but that's another story...




Plexiglass drone.JPG


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I remember when I was around 11-12 yrs old, accompanying my father out to the ranges at Fort Bliss to search for these crashed drones.  I don't know how he got permission, but he would recover the electronics (they were remote controlled) to use in his HAM radio set-ups.  I would go look at the history of Fort Bliss (the ADA school for many years) and see if you can identify them.

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Thorin6--thanks for the insights--I have since learned from another source that it is a copy of the Soviet SU 25 Frogfoot aircraft---their version of the A-10.  Still looking for how it was used.


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And finally an answer---the soviet aircraft  is an Remote Controlled Miniature Aerial Target (RCMAT) and was used to train CHAPARRAL, REDEYE, and STINGER gunners.  The RCMAT could fly up to 46 miles an hour and perform any maneuver the real aircraft could while emitting the same signature---how cool is that?

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