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Help with unit shirt


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I dont know if this is the correct place to post this, so i apologize in advance if its not.

Im looking to take some old t-shirts i have from the 60's and paint my dads unit on the shirt, sorta like an old PT unit shirt

Or if you ever saw MASH how they had the 4077th painted on tshirts

I could get it screen printed, but id rather do it the way the units did the shirts back during vietnam and earlier

Do you know if the shirts were spray painted?  

Or was there a paint the Mil specifically used?  Im assuming it was spray paint but i wanted to see if i could get some ideas.

I want to do 1 for my dads unit and my grandfathers

Not looking to do a mash shirt, but this is what i had for reference

I appreciate any help




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You could go into great detail with the accuracy of stencils based on branch, time period, area of deployment or service, etc. If you are not trying to achieve "deception-level" accuracy then I would just eyeball photos and cut your own stencils. You could spray paint them or, better yet, use a stipple brush and thin fabric paint.



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