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Help to ID US WW2 Navy Jacket unit marking


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I recently picked up a nice WWII navy flight jacket with a painted on it. Can anyone help me ID this please?


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Thanks for the reply. Attached is a picture of the jacket.  The contract date is 1942 and since there are no wings on the leather name tag, Im assuming he was not a pilot. The family said they though he was a airplane mechanic. 


Im hoping the painted emblem on the jacket leads to which unit or ship he was attached to.  I would like to use this jacket in a public display to honor this vet when things get back to normal. 


If anyone has a way to provide any info on the Vet, whos name is on the jacket, that would also prove incredibly helpful 


I dont have many navy leather jackets and this is my first with a name and painted "patch".


Thanks in advance.


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