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Put-together pistol belt and accessories

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No pics as of yet, batteries are charging


Just got the ammo pouch, Feb 1919 and the canteen and cover, but no cup. Cover date is hard to read seems like '42, the aluminum canteen is stamped "U.S. G.P.&F.C.C. 1945". I know squat about canteens and covers but it was 15 bucks for the pair so what the hell


These complete my pistol belt...pics coming!

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Another look at these pics shows two different shades of "khaki" on the same pouch, but not from light exposure, may make some purists scream ;) :


My cartridge belt. Mills stamped but I can't make out the date...I can read "191" but can't make out the last digit. Any help on this one?




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Thanks :) It was fun to find all the stuff. Now I should dig up something to put in the first aid pouch, probably find something repro'd for that


It amazes me that I can find dated relics for such cheap money sometimes. The canteen is stamped with a '45 date, and it plus the '42 cover cost me a whopping 15 bucks. The mag pouch from 1919 was just over 20. The belt was only 20. The holster was quite reasonable. The pistol is new production though. The bayonet and scabbard, uh, let's not talk about how much those cost! :lol:

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....had to add others here



Actively collecting:

13th USAAF uniforms and groups/medal groups!

307th BG, 5th BG, 11th BG, 42nd BG

Also looking for:

WWII Far East Air Force uniforms/groups!

Any Pacific Army Air Force Groups to 5th, 7th, 10th, 14th, 20th AAF

Collecting CBI and ATC Pacific Army Air Force groups




USMF's custom photo resize tool:http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/229816-custom-resize-tool-exclusively-for-the-usmf/

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