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VP-34 | VPB-34 | Patrol Bombing Squadron THIRTY FOUR | theater made patch


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VP-34 | VPB-34 | Patrol Bombing Squadron THIRTY FOUR | theater made patch


Established as Patrol Squadron THIRTY-FOUR (VP-34) on 16 April 1942.
Redesignated Patrol Bombing Squadron THIRTY- FOUR (VPB-34) on 1 October 1944.
Disestablished on 7 April 1945.


Aircraft: PBY-5


Nickname: Black Cats. 1944-1945.


The squadron’s only insignia came into being during its first tour of duty in the South Pacific in early 1944. VP-34 was one of ten Navy patrol squadrons to be designated Black Cats during the war. The nickname came from the flat black paint applied to the Catalinas and the nighttime strike missions assigned to these squadrons.

The VP-34 squadron insignia featured a a cat’s face with its jaws champing down on an enemy cargo vessel. On top of the cat’s head was a set of radio headphones and a ball cap. Across the top of the insignia was the legend Black Cats, and at the bottom VPB-34. and Southwest Pacific.






Theater made. Australian embroidery on wool.





More information about the squadron, here.



Roberts, Michael D. Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons. Vol. 2




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