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My son's Navy Flight Helmet

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Hello Everyone,

My son was an NFO in the Navy from 2006 to 2012.  Near the end of his service, he had his helmet bag, CDs and other items stolen out of his car.  His helmet was in the bag.  I am starting a search for his helmet.  I realize it is not likely I will locate the helmet but want to try.  I know stolen collectables often end up for sale and end up in a collection.  A detailed description is attached.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone regarding this helmet, no questions asked on how it was acquired.  Thanks to all, Dennie1564073203_HelmetGentexHGU-55PFixedWingHelmetSystemnotapeorgraphicsedit.jpg.1922f1301d9e8d30fe89f7ea9c66461e.jpg



Model:  Gentex HGU-55/P Fixed Wing Helmet System with oxygen mask and lenses.


Base color was either matt olive drab or gray.


The helmet was covered in white reflective tape, laid on from side to side, starting back to front.


Visor:    One track on each side of helmet above the ears.


            On the right side of the helmet at about a 45 degree there is a recessed track for knob that tightens the visor.


             A clear lens installed, but also came with a black tinted lens in a felt sleeve.


Over each ear was a black leather patch about 3 to 4 inch in size.  Bayonet lugs for the oxygen mask and the boom for the mic. were mounted on the black patches.


The oxygen mask hose attached to the lower right side of the mask, not straight out the middle.  The hose end connected to the oxygen supply was quick release.  


The black chin strap had two uni-directional snaps on each side of the helmet below the ear, with a leather-like part directly under the chin.


A wire frame boom mic with a 3-led light on the bottom of the mic.  Powered by a 9 volt battery in a fabric pouch velcroed to the back left side of the helmet.


A square black Velcro patch about 1.5 inch square on the top of the helmet.


The edge of the helmet was lined with a black leather-like material covering a foam material.


A VAW-113 squadron insignia Black Eagle was centered on the back of the helmet.  No squadron designation, just the black eagle.  About 5 inch size.


His call sign BUSTER was applied on the back of the helmet,  below the Black Eagle, in red reflective tape, in a style suggesting claws, similar to the font “Primal Dream” on web site 1001fonts.com.  The call sign covered about 6 inches. 


Inside the helmet was white styrofoam.  Several Velcro patches held the gell liner encased in black fabric.  He had to specifically request that style of liner. 


The ear cups were not standard flush-mounted ones.  They were black foam, recessed, with thin leather like material covering the ear cup. 


The helmet bag has no identifying marks.  It contained his training jacket (folder) with paperwork and class notes.  Pens, notebook, etc. 

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Just a bit more info.:  The helmet is white.  Last possessed by my son in the San Diego area.  Thanks,



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