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Shirt, Flying Heavy Type A-1

Brian Keith

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Here is an interesting shirt I’ve had for a while. As you can see, it is labeled, “Shirt, Flying Heavy Type A-1”. In the Sweeting book, Combat Flying Clothing, it is briefly addressed on page 66, really not much info. Apparently not worn/issued much. It is slightly heavier than an army blanket and is unlined. Thanks for looking. Comments welcome!


Again! The dang picture posts upside down, It wasn't saved that way! Sorry! No idea why. 




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Thanks jerry_k for fixing the photo's. Yes, P-59A, Sweeting does say it is WW II issue.

Thanks for your comments!

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Despite what Sweating wrote I have always believed these to be used in the transitional era with an AF number again rather than AN. I haven't seen one with the standard USAAF nomenclature on the label. I also have not seen one in period photos. 

Much higher order numbers existed earlier in the war and the spec number puts it before even the parkas and B-15. Maybe someone knows how the numbering of orders and specs ran - chronologically or otherwise.

Maybe they were wartime but there sure were a lot of them on the surplus market and in the 90s it was commonly said they were post war.

Would be a great jacket but I'd hate to wear it.



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would be a nice fall hunting jacket..  the USAAF and later USAF uniforms/flight gear of late war and post war are a flurry of designs and changes, trying to adapt to the jet age... 


I would agree with late war contract and transitional limited use...post war and pressurized cabins saw little need for heavy flight gear


here is one with a US Air Forces stamp vs a Army Air Force, suggesting post 1947


and the D-1 cap, later the D1 would go from brown wool to USAF blue 



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The D-1 actually came to mind as well. It seamed to have the same unexplained history and use. As did the A-1 visor thought I've seen at least a version of those in wartime images, just not the -47- one. I might have a 45 dated one of those.

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