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Vietnam photo i found on the interwebs

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Looks like the female with a Rifle slung around her neck is a captured VC. She is being interrogated by South Vietnamese soldier.

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2 minutes ago, daswrack said:

it was called something along the lines of "north vietnamese woman with russian rifle interrogation"

So then what is your question? 


You asked for a story, and the photo is captioned with exactly what is going on - which Steve reiterated.  


I think the only people that would know anything more are in the photo.







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Some ARVN’s were smiling most of the time, just the way they were. Guess this one is happy they caught a VC, doubt she was NVA.

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Her look is worth a thousand words. I saw that look of fear many times. Their leaders told them that if captured they would be raped by the evil Americans. Our outfit always took care of prisoners. 

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There is a lot of context missing here.


When, where, what unit?  Was the woman released or taken as a prisoner?  Was she being abused by her captors?


We can only surmise these things.


The ARVN uniforms look to be early 1960's.  Also, the individual with his back to the photo is carrying an M1 Carbine.  The soldier in front of him and barely visible may have a variation of an M1 Carbine with a flash suppressor.  On the opposite side of the photo someone is carrying an M1 Garand.  


Both the woman and the Russian rifle are covered with matching mud.  That suggests she was low crawling or otherwise down in the dirt when she was captured carrying this weapon.


It looks like the weapon has been hung around her neck for purposes of the photo or intimidation.  No one carries a weapon that way. 


Her garb suggests local Viet Cong, or if you prefer NLF.


The woman behind her has a rope tied around her wrist.


And, as mentioned, the look of fear, as well as downcast eyes.  This day probably did not end well for either of these women.

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