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How I made a WWII K Ration Perfectly Clear V2.0

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I know that I have posted my Perfectly Clear K Ration before on the web, but I was never really happy with how it turned out. The glue I used fogged up the plastic sheet and I did a sloppy job folding the plastic sheet I used to make the box. Well, here is K Ration version 2.0 which turned out exactly as I had originally planned with the experience that I acquired making the Perfectly Clear D Ration and Life Raft Rations. I also did what I thought was a cool addition by creating a Perfectly Clear outer carton for the K ration, also made out of transparency paper.


The images I am adding to this post are views of the complete ration with outer carton on. Then the views of the outer carton and inner carton separate. Then views of the inner carton only.


I hope you enjoy this V2.0 Perfectly Clear K ration.


1 Complete Front Small.jpg

2 Complete Back Small.jpg

3 Complete side 1 small.jpg

4 Complete side 2 small.jpg

5 Complete end small.jpg

6 separate front small.jpg

7 separate back small.jpg

8 inner front small.jpg

9 inner back small.jpg

10 inner bottom end front small.jpg

11 inner front bottom.JPG

12 Inner front top small.jpg

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