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Radom Vis 35 pistol bring back grouping from Army Airforce Vet!


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Moderators I hope you will let this thread be shown as it still shows an interesting bring back grouping and it will also be a warning to those of us that collect bring backs to avoid a certain seller? Thanks!

This incredible Army Air Corps bring back grouping was mine… or so I thought! It was to be the showcase of my bring back collection. Purchased the grouping on 3/28/2021 from seller Stevek1982 off Gunbroker. I sent a certified check the next day. On 3/29/2021 it received this email: "I’m very sorry to report this to you, especially after your very nice note, but my wife took a couple of the pistols I had already listed/sold on gun broker to a local pawn shop this past weekend to sell while I was out of town thinking she was doing me a favor.  Needless to say, this has been an interesting morning.  I’m reaching out to the people that this impacted and will immediately return your check with tracking as soon as its received.  I also have a call into the shop they went to and am awaiting a response from the owner to see if I can buy them back, or if they’re already gone.  They were dropped off on Saturday so the Radom might still be there. " I received an email on 3/30 saying the pistol that I bought on auction was sold by the Pawnshop on Monday 3-29-2021 and they are trying to contact the buyer to see if he will return it.

A total bogus story! He sent back my Certified check made out in his name back to me. I called my bank and they said to bring it in and they would void it and refund my money.

Here is the email I sent the dishonest seller:


 The situation that just happened is a hard pill to swallow. Everyone, and I mean everyone that I have told the story to, has said they don’t believe it and that you must have changed your mind or got a higher offer. Why, would someone’s wife sell her husband’s guns to a pawn shop whose businesses are notorious for giving a fraction of the value for anything? You have sold 82 items on Gunbroker over the past year and your wife doesn’t know about that? That’s hard to believe. Hey, I understand situations happen so before I leave negative feedback and file a complaint with Gunbroker, I am requesting the name of the pawnshop so I can verify the story. So far, when I asked for the name you have refused. This whole situation can be settled with one simple phone call! If your story is true, then you should have no problem supplying the name of the pawnshop. By denying my request it would confirm my suspicions that the whole thing was made-up.


Of course no response from the seller! Avoid this guy at all costs! I am very disappointed to lose this grouping!


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Don't Pawnshops by law have to hold an item for a set time before they can be sold?  I believe this is true for guns as well (a gun in consignment cant be sold until a minimum of 30 days pass at least in my stets). 

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