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B-17 Enlisted diary


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A B-17s enlisted crew position war diary. A note pad with each page containing a brief mission synopsis

from the notes, you can conclude he was enlisted, flying in B-17s...I say this this because on one entry he states a B-17 is lost and a P-51...

there is no provinance with the log book, just the log as found in a box of clean out paperwork from a desk...the local army navy has had it for years, and let me look through it and photograph it...

Tail numbers from the log, he flew in these tail numbers multiple times, I only noted the tail number, not the number of times flown in each ...I have not researched the tail numbers or nose art yet

882 Sweepstakes

561 FP (?)

252 997 Frencheys Folley

503 Princess Pat

589 French Dressing



599 Gamblin Lady

983 Fort Lansing Empinator(?)








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A hit on Frenchy's Folly, 381st BG 533rd BS ...previously, Big Mike, renamed Frenchy's Folly

Delivered Long Beach 29/10/43; rump 533BS/381BG [VP-R] Ridgewell 13/1/44 as BIG MIKE; on mission to Leipzig Pilot: George Hansen, Radio Operator: Ed Senk (KIA); sustained severe battle damage on Rheims mission 2/5/44, but repaired by many volunteers over weeks, including fitting an F-model wing on a G aircraft. When it passed all tests, assigned back in action completing 100 missions, before returning to States, 121 BU Bradley 30/5/45; 4168 BU Sth Plains 21/10/45; Scrapped: Kingman 28/11/45. FRENCHY'S FOLLY.


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