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Eugene R.Hansen Purple Heart and Air Medal

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If anyone comes across a Purple Heart and/or Air Medal engraved with the name "EUGENE R. HANSEN", please contact me.  This was my grandfather's brother (his picture is my avatar) who was KIA on July 7, 1950, while flying a combat mission over Korea in an F80C fighter. 


I am in possession of what I was told by his widow are the original medals that she received from the government in 1952 after he was declared KiA but both medals are (interestingly/suprisingly) un-engraved.  I also have all of the original medal certificates and copies of all of associated award paperwork/transmittals. 


I will try to keep an open mind to the possibility what she told me about receiving un-engraved medals from the government may not have been a true statement (and that the medals I have could possibly be replacements) but the only thing that will prove that situation true is if an engraved medal for "EUGENE R. HANSEN" ever turns up.  Until then I will never stop looking.


Matt Hansen

Lincoln, Nebraska

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