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75,76 or 3"


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Any markings on the driving band or body about an inch above the driving bands? Most certainly NOT 75mm, most had a single, low pressure driving band. It is an APC ( armored piercing capped), narrowed down to 76mm or 3”. I am not in town to access my collection, but being black without yellow or red ( navy 3” had a more colorful detailed paint scheme, and an “ anchor” engraved ). My suspicion quickly is an Army APC.

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No Markings are visible to an untrained eye.

Thanks for replying, looking forward to more information.

Travel Safely.

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M319 or M339, not sure on the exact M number, but no doubt ( if 3” or 76mm diameter at the base) an HVAP round. First developed very late war, different models improved upon and used past the Korean War era. 0615165C-2438-4E52-8D78-73B5B3C088B7.png.77bf97ec7500642d25b5d56507376427.png113D619F-E437-4007-84E2-E1AAC3D32339.png.029de8c748b1334354f4a908e76f8396.png

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