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A-2 Saw Knife Shovel Assembly


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There have been 4 variations of the A-2 tool I have seen.  Please post any others you might have.  The 1st version has a drawing number of 50C3947 on the shovel and came out in the 1950's.  This is the only version I have seen that also had a drawing number on the handle and blade as well.  Handle - 50C3946  Blade 50C3948  This one has a hole and slot that attaches the handle to the blades. The handle was put in the slot then moved to the side. A wing nut was tightened to hold the tool on the handle. The only color I have seen is what I call yellow zinc chromate. The saw knife blade is blued. The handle is smooth plastic.



The next version had a change in the way the handle attached to the tools.  Rather that the hole and slot, this one changed to a round pin that fit a hole and again, the tool is held on by tightening a wing nut. The drawing number changed to 60C90302.  Based on the drawing number, the mounting change took place in 1960. These were the same color as the 1950's tool and also had a blued blade. The handle is a textured plastic and the metal is painted green. This tool came from a 1964 dated Cold Climate Kit.



This one came from a 1967 kit and has the same part number 60C90302 on the blade.  The shovel color is olive drab rather than yellow. The blade is blued and the handle is textured plastic with the metal painted green.



The final version was manufactured in the 1980's and 1990's and is the "current"" version.  It has a drawing number of 60C90302 on the blade as well. The shovel and blade are bright and the handle is smooth plastic.



This is a comparison of the smooth and textured handles.


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Nice little study on those. Didn't know about them, much less the variations. Thanks.

BTW, I really miss that real zinc chromate paint!


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Very interesting to see the variations.  Never dawned on me that there was a few differences in em.  Ill have to check the ones I have one of these days but Id assume newer though I know 1 of my blades is zinc colored with the round hole.   My saw blades are still sealed in the foil/paper packing on both of the tools I have.  Missing a handle for 1 of them.

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