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Two Medal of Honor medals on display at a local Ohio museum

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I visited the Champaign County Historical Society Museum in Urbana, Ohio today and saw two displayed MOH's. Both were issued to local boys and were issued for actions during the Civil War.

Please excuse my poor photography efforts. The lighting in the room was dim and I did not get very good photos.  I was happy to see them on display and not stored away. I intend to go back and attempt to get better photographs.



MarionRoss (1).jpg

MarionRoss (2).jpg

MarionRoss (3).jpg

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Both beautiful displays. The Gillespie is just a gorgeous design. It is great they are displayed and not stored so we can celebrate the men and the history of their deeds. 

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Thank you for sharing these :)

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When it reopens, the MAPS Museum near the Akron/Canton Ohio Airport off Interstate 77 has I believe 13 Medal of Honors in their Museum. I think 5 or 6 of them are Civil War, including the first Black Civil War Veteran to receive the award. When the Massillon, Oh. museum closed down, they sent all their items up to the MAPS museum, so it is actually two museums in one. They also run a great one day Military show in the Spring and Fall. The Spring show was cancelled, but so far the Fall, 2021 show is on. Dave

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