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How to mount a lightweight rucksack high on the frame

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So I've been playing around and searching the internet for ways to mount the lightweight rucksack high on it's frame. And I think I came up with a pretty solid solution. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this but I didn't find any directions or photos elsewhere so thought I would share.


1. I pass the loop end of the cargo strap through the outer top slot. Going from the outside towards the back and then passing the free end through From the outside towards the middle allows it to lay nicely and will fit better at the end.

2. Slide the end up through the D ring on the top of the pack.

3. I run the strap through or behind the back strap. 

4. Run the strap under the middle bar from the back side towards the pack and through the bottom buckle on the pack. Before tightening make sure the strap is all the way to the outermost end of the bar. It helps keep the strap in place if you have already attached the the cargo buckles in the two outer slots on the middle bar. Cinch it tight.

5. Pass the remainder of the strap around the bottom bar  and back up to the cargo buckles.

6. You might want to use the little side straps to keep the sides of the pack snug to the frame.


I find this to be the most efficient method as it mounts the pack as high and tightly as possible while still allowing you to use the cargo straps gear. 


I made a video too. Here's the link. 







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