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M1 Carbine 30 Rd Pouch 1950

Vix Steel

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Vix Steel

I have had this pouch for a long time.  

Now I read that there are reproductions of these?

The repo ones Ive seen have different spacing between words etc on the stamps.

Any opinions would be great!








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Brian Keith

That looks just fine to me. Made in Jeffersonville Quartermaster Depot (JQMD), Jeffersonville, Indiana. I was in Bloomington, IN. today, less than 100 miles from Jeffersonville.

I've see 15 round magazine pouches altered by adding material to the flap so they hold 30 rounders, I think an official alteration.

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Unfortunately that in my opinion is an aftermarket-reproduction.  Having collected M1 Carbine magazine pockets for over 30+ years I have owned, sold, traded literally thousands and still maintain over 600 in my personal collection, I know I have a problem! 


I will try to get some pictures posted of various original USGI 30rd magazine pockets. 





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