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Some questions about the "watchman's mug"


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I'm interested in the handle-less USN mugs from WWII. Seems they are called "watchman's mugs". Is that correct?
Were these mugs made specifically for drinking (coffee) or were they for shaving? Or both?

It seems that Corning was the biggest maker of these. Seems that Victor and Warwick also made them. Are there any other makers?


Are there any current American made companies that make a similar handle-less coffee mug?


Any other info on these cups?

Does anybody have one or two for sale?



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I've always heard them called "watch mugs", but same thing.  They were designed for drinking.  The Corning mugs are made of glass and I've always assumed are the later ones.  World War I and some World War II mugs are made of china, often dated or with contract information.  I've seen photos of these mugs being used in Army mess halls as well as onboard ships.  The movie "Twelve O'clock High" clearly shows an aircrew drinking coffee out of watch mugs as they're being debriefed after a mission.  I have several that I use regularly!  They're not too hard to find on eBay and they turn up sometimes in antique stores.  Search the forum - I'm pretty sure there are threads on them here.

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