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Campaign Chair ID's to Colonel


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Picked this up today at a small antique store.  Owner said he bought it from the veteran's son, and that the officer was in a medical unit during WW2.  I am totally unfamiliar with these chairs.  I was able to pull up multiple examples of British ones, but no US ones.  Finally was able to get it put together and it looks pretty sturdy.  Disassembles easily and is carried in a brown sack.  Pictures ahow the parts spread out, the completed chair, and the officer's name.  I haven't researched him yet, just happy to have finally figured out how to put it together (need my wife's help to realize the seat went in differently from the British examples I found).

If anyone knows anything about these please feel free to post; also if anyone can get information on COL Moseley please feel free to include here.




Campaign Chair Parts.jpg

Campaign Chair Front 1.jpg

Campaign Chair Front 2.jpg

Campaign Chair Marking.jpg

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Never heard of this before... "Campaign Chair"--love it! I'm guessing these were only for high ranking officers? Wonder where they were stored during transit as it seems the point was for quick access when needed... Would love some more information on it by someone more knowledgeable. 

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Source:  Find-A-Grave and Arlington Cemetary's Website






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