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Battle of Ong Thanh 1967 1st Black lions KIA PH

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He is a rather worn beat up heart to a Kia oct 17 1967 

but I’m very proud to own it . 1st infantry division Kia .




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Here is a pic with flash on to show engraving . 
why would someone do this to a medal to a Kia soldier ?
They really tried to destroy it !

I will honor his service and memory !


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Trevor Arendall

Very nice medal, thank you for remembering the sacrifice of this young man. I cannot explain why someone would do that to the medal. Condition has never  bothered me as the medal still serves its purpose.

I have a BSM and PH to a man who was a sergeant and radio operator in C Company, 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry, 1st Infantry division. He was KIA during operation Muskegon on June 1st, 1966. Always have loved the look of the black lions insignia! Vincit amor patriae!

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Have some research on this man . 
awards include , PH,  NDSM and UNSM ?

what UN service medal would he been awarded ?

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