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Old K-2B flight suit


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Hi Group,


I recently picked up this late 1950s/really early 1960s K-2B flight suit.  The left shoulder seam is blown out but other that that, I think it looks good.  It's named and has a 403rd Bomb Squadron patch on the right breast.  Plastic cased major's oak leaves are also still in place.


Does anyone know what that metal clip on the left pant leg is for?  I don't recall every seeing this on a K-2B before?


Something else has me a bit puzzled.  Going by the Wiki entry, the 403rd's last station was at Carswell AFB flying B-47s before it was deactivated.  I don't think I've ever heard of B-47s at Carswell AFB?  I know that they had B-36s, B-58s and B-52s, but B-47s?  Anyone know for sure?


Thanks for looking.  Sorry the first photo is so poor, I should have taken these outside in natural light... :(

























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Older K-2Bs that had that USAF meatball logo on the sleeve usually had those check list clips there on the thigh. I have a few of the older ones like that, 1 of them is a K-2B that was used later in the 60s by the 393d BS of the 509th BW when they had FB-111As.

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Man I missed this post Derek...nice flight suit, named and all....

 clip as stated held maps, approach plates, checklists etc..and dropped off the K-2B later on...

No help with the B47s at Carswell...

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You can always tell when they weren't fighter pilot suits. That clip didn't do well with the G-suit. And there was no use for that "pecker pocket".

Often, as a form of initiation, the pocket was ripped from your suit. My friend said you had to do it just right or you'll rip a whole in the leg.

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This is why I am really careful with Wiki. The 43 BMW did fly B-47s from 54-60, but at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, AZ. They then moved to Carswell without aircraft and converted to B-58s. Four years later they relocated again, to Little Rock AFB. Hope this helps.



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