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Civil War Marine albumen photograph

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This is a nicely tinted Civil War US Marine.  He wears the standard Civil War dress uniform with double row of seven buttons and stand up collar.


On the column his kepi is visible with a crisp old English "M" that has been tinted red.


This image is a copy of an earlier albumen, but it is very well done and doesn't show any loss of detailing.


The photographer G.W. Entrekin was in business at this address from 1865- 1903.  This particular card is on very thin/ early cabinet card stock and would date from about 1865- 1870.


The photographers backmark further supports this early dating.







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Agree with Kevin....a stunner....they really did a great job of tinting too...no detail lost....like that it is a philly photographer as well. So the Marine traveled a bit from the Navy yard to his studio....or the photographer came east a few miles to photograph him. 

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Thanks-- I appreciate you looking and commenting warguy and dirk.


I was happy to get this one-- I don't see a lot of Civil War era marines and the tinting is especially nice.



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M24 Chaffee

Great looking photograph with excellent detail and another Philadelphia connection!



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