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Flight Helmet RKIs: Please Look at Gentex Mil Motorcycle Helmet II Liner & Components, What is Closest Current Mfg Liner? Replacement?

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Crap Game

This is the foam Energy Absorbing Liner from a Gentex Military Motorcycle Helmet II 7/99 mfg, Part#92D8368.   The EAL is about 10 3/8" long front to back and 9 3/8" side to side.     Would any of you have an idea what current HGU Energy Absorbing Liner or, even better, Integrated Thermoplastic Liner, would be a good fit?    This helmet uses the same tailored lambskin earpads as the recent flight helmets I've seen.  Apparently, Gentex used COTS parts already in the system to build the MMCII from same shell as the HGU-84/P like the HALO Helmet.


The black patches on the sides and center, I believe they are called Visor Buffers?    I was surprised to see they are some self adhesive fabric not loop velcro or paper-thin black sueded leather.   Are these buffers a common replenishment part one can buy from Gentex, Gibson & Barnes, etc?


The Medium/Large Helmet is a bit too narrow to fit my head, usually a 7  1/2 or Size 60.   I was hoping the heat formed to my head Integrated Thermoplastic Liner might yield enough to allow this shell to fit my head, short of finding an XL Shell MMCII, that's all I can do.


The Active Hearing Protection unit on this works, the online manual stated an AAA Battery is used but AAA was too long for the battery cavity on my particular AHP Housing.    I researched batteries same OD as the AAA with an overall length of 1" to 1 1/8", found a Duracell Size N 1.5v and a Duracell Size 21/23 12v.   I tested the AHP with the 1.5v Size N, the earphones picked up the ambient sound in the room clearly.   I used the CVC Helmet CX-13479/VRC Part A3206020 mfg 07/01 to connect the MMCII to my TRI PRC-148 MBITR, and it appears to transmit using the Radio PTT toggle switch.  I didn't want to risk damaging the AHP electronics by testing it with the 12v Size 21/23.


Chinstrap appears to be a 3/4" black tubular nylon webbing SPH-4 Chinstrap


Boom Mic is a Gentex Model 4405-06 N100902-04


Its a nice condition shell, very good paint, it didn't come with a Bungee Visor, but it does have the Pull the Dot Button snap and 1/4" thick Visor Bumper Stops.   It has the single 3/4" nylon webbing Goggle Retainer Strap in the center of the rear.  I may just get a pair of M-1944 Sun, Wind & Dust Goggles or a pair of Bolle X800 Tactical Goggles for it instead of the Bungee Visor.


Next mission is to scrounge an appropriately manufacture dated Flyers Helmet Bag to protect this Lid.







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From what Ive seen in the manual for these, the part numbers are their own parts, not the same as other helmets.  The EAL for Med/Large has its own part number as does the TPL liner listed for it if use.  They also have sizing pads that can be used.  There is 2 styles of the AHP, not sure which is the newer style, but the manual doesnt show the box shaped N type battery version which is also the style I have.  The regular alkaline battery version has like a over under double barrel shotgun barrel shape to it with a push to talk toggle switch on top.  Id imagine that style might be newer as these box shaped AHPs are a fragile plastic and many Ive seen have cracks.  None of these parts are commonly available except straight from Gentex as this is a specialized helmet.  I contracted them a while back to get a new set of fitting pads but they couldn't provide me with the original style, they were able to get me some pads from the PM HALO helmet which worked pretty good.

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