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Over the last couple of months I managed to find two WWII (1945 Dated) USN Field Desks. When I found the first one I was excited as I had been looking for a nice one at a good price for years. Then I found the second one. What are the odds to find two in the same town within a couple months of each other. The second desk is named and the guy I bought it from said that it belonged to a Seabee. I have never seen them marked USN like this before. Have you guys ever seen a USN marked Field Desk before? I tried researching it on the net and didn't find much.




This is the first desk that I bought.



















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Klorvin Borno
Does anyone know anything about these USN Field Desks? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


In case you haven't seen this (sounds like a different model):


WWII Headquarters Field Desk - Early Chaplain

This military headquarters field desk (Stock No. 26-D-140) was also issued to chaplains in early WWII and later replaced with the M-1945, Stock No. 26-D-158


Inside is in excellent condition complete with drawers and removable dividers, jars and boxes. All interior parts are there. Exterior is in overall very good condition with no rot or damage. Paint is 80% and inside and outside locks are not functional. One handle is there but broken and the other is intact but tender.



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I know that it is a large battalion size field desk. My question is, have you ever seen one that is marked USN? Where did the Navy use these at (on base, ship, etc.)? Maybe this topic should be moved to a different category. If this is the case moderators feel free to move it to a different one. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I have an identical one, marked USN in red.


Strangely, many come without the small center drawer. Mine came WITH the center drawer, and with two spares.


Can anyone direct me to a replacement key? Mine lock is Yale, only marking is B2.

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