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Help me with a primer on WWII reenactments- as a dancer?

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Ok! Probably not your usual post on this sub, but figured you guys might be able to help...


My GF and I are really avid Swing dancers, especially 1940s era, and are particularly fond of WWII reenactment-type events (think hangar dances and the like). Between the uniforms and clothing, historical significance, live big bands, aesthetics, vehicles, just everything, we love them.


I know dancing and music aren't usually the central focal point of these events, so it's not the easiest thing to search for. I wanted to get your thoughts on which ones around the country (or in Europe) host really good dances as part of their activities. Here are the one we know about, some of which we've attended:


LA Air Raid
Planes of Fame Hangar Dance (Chino, CA)
Mid-Atlantic Air Museum WWII Weekend

D-Day Conneaut

1940s WWII Era Ball in Colorado
Others I think I've come across in Colorado (?)


Any others you know about/would recommend? Thanks so much all!!

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A friend of mine was into that. He was military at Ft Leavenworth and would do lots of swing dancing demos and such dressed as a WWII soldier. He gave me his 50s Ike jacket when he moved and became involved in a law practice out east.

My wife would still love to learn this but we never have. We both dislike weddings and are aging out of the friend's weddings era and that appears the most popular place to dance so we never have learned.

I love Big Band music and the whole era so hoped for encouragement at the local CAF "hangar dance" a few years back. It was a bust and was mostly just to raise money. No real dancing. Round tables with no real food if I recall, no drinks, etc. You might have been able to buy food for extra but tickets were already pricey. LOL, I remember there was a big band(kinda) with a drunk lead singer who became very obnoxious rounding the tables trying to force individuals to sing into the mic - very uncomfortable. Lot's of potential to become a great venue but just poorly planned by enthusiasts who really don't really have that vintage mindset.

Would love to see one done right. I always remember the scene in Memphis Bell with the big hangar dance and over the top drapery and decor. Lots of great B&W film of period dances as well. Not really sure if it has been done well.

Sorry, not of much help, just thoughts.


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